Spice Up Mother’s Day

Give Mom what she really want this year, Spices! Moms love to create delicious masterpieces, so why not give them the best organic spices to work with. All Mothers will certainly appreciate the gift of fresh, organic, fairly-traded spices to re-energize their pantry spice collection. Use coupon code MOM15 to save 15% on all of our spices. No […]

Spice Spotlight: Sumac

Our Organic Sumac is a dark red, almost purplish, culinary spice that is sourced from the sumac shrub. This plant grows wild in many Mediterranean areas, most notably in Southern Italy. The shrub forms its fruit in dense reddish clusters, which are harvested, dried, and ground coarsely to produce sumac spice. The widespread love of […]

Welcome to FreshOrganicSpices.com!

Hello, spice lovers. Welcome to the newest (and healthiest) 100% certified organic spice company! Our mission is simple, to offer the best quality spices. See, that really is simple. : ) As we will outline if future posts, our commitment to quality is what will set us apart from other spice companies on the market, […]