Spice Spotlight: Cumin

Our Organic Ground Cumin Seeds boast a sophisticated array of nutty, earthy, and slightly peppery notes giving it a unique flavor often associated with a feeling of warmth. This delightful medley of flavors have given the spice extreme culinary versatility, allowing it to become one of the most globally used and recognized spices today. This ground spice starts with the natural drying of a flowering plant’s fruit, and the delicate grinding of its seeds into a powder. These all-natural ground cumin seeds are sourced direct and treated without chemicals to ensure a pure and flavorful product.

The plant is believed to have originated in the Middle Eastern area, with its human usage dating back centuries. It’s well documentation in both historic text such as several mentions in the bible along with archaeological findings such as its use to mummify in ancient Egypt give us a good idea that this spice has been celebrated by humans for quite some time. Since then, the spice spread into Europe where it became a common table amendment among Romans, as well as India where it became a pivotal part of their traditional dishes such as garam masala. Later, the plant was brought to be cultivated in the Americas, completing its global culinary dominance, and securing it as a truly universal fusion flavor.

This gluten free cumin seed powder boasts a range of vitamins and minerals such as: iron, manganese, copper, calcium, vitamin B1, and phosphorus. The seeds have also been long associated in traditional medicine as helping aid in digestion, and have more recently been looked at for containing potentially anti-carcinogenic properties.

Using at Home
Ground cumin seeds can be used to easily add flavorsome nutty-pepper layers to all sorts of savory dishes. Some traditional choices would be Indian style curries, Mediterranean dips such as hummus, or as a rub for Middle Eastern meat dishes particularly kabobs. The spice can also be added to a bit of oil in a frying pan prior to saut̩ing veggies, or mixed in with your favorite herbal tea mixture to impart a unique earthy fragrance. The spice is quite versatile and does a good job accentuating the natural flavors of savory dishes without overpowering just remember that heating the spice is required to fully capitalize on its mouth-watering-potential!