Organic Whole Black Peppercorn


Our Organic Whole Black Pepper also known as “black gold”, is perhaps the most widely known and common spice used globally today. Our Organic Peppercorn is picked from the fruit of the pepper plant known as Piper Nigrum. Just like grapes, these tiny fruits grow on a vine. Hand-picked when they are not quite ripe, this ensures a robust taste, and incredible flavor profile. Our directly sourced, all-natural whole peppercorns are proven valuable as they will not lose their flavor or fragrance over time, like ground pepper.

Exciting taste

Grinding our whole black peppercorns will release an incredibly powerful, and intense flavor that will bring any dish to life. Black peppercorns contain the strongest flavor and aroma over the other peppercorns, making them slightly hot and spicy, with a hint of sweetness.

Add our black peppercorns last to dishes that take a long cooking time. Adding the black peppercorns near the end of the cooking process will ensure the excellent flavors are preserved as cooking too long reduces the flavor quality, and can burn the peppercorns.

For pan-searing, or grilling dishes, make sure to add the peppercorns just before cooking to allow them to work their magic.

Exciting effects

Black pepper, demonstrating impressive antioxidant and antibacterial effects, stimulates your taste buds in a way that is believed to help the stomach increase hydrochloric acid secretion therefore assisting with digestion, preventing constipation, and gas irritation along the way.

Exciting possibilities

Did you know that you can use Black Pepper in your laundry? Just adding a few teaspoons to your load of wash will keep those colors bright and prevent fading! And no need to worry about those flakes of pepper covering your clothes, they will wash out during the rinse cycle.

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