Organic Chili Pepper Crushed


Looks really can be deceiving. And this beautiful multicolor spice found on every pizzeria table
is a perfect example of that.

Don’t let the beauty fool you; these bad boys are not to be snacked on. Except you want to
spend half your day with a runny nose and tears in your eyes (and they won’t be tears of joy 😭)

But best believe whatever heat you get from crushed red chili flakes will always be worth it.
Because it contains Capsaicin, the component that helps prevent prostate cancer, increase
metabolism, and even helps you lose weight faster by helping you burn more calories while
at the same time suppressing your appetite.

It also contains vitamins and minerals like Vitamins A, C, B-6, E, magnesium, iron and
potassium, which are great for your eyesight, skin health, and focus.

But you can pretend you don’t know about all these benefits. And you can add some quality red
chili flakes to your cart just because you love it on your pizza, stir fry, pasta, or other dishes.

Can be used for: classic chili con carne, ground beef chili.

Ingredients: Organic chili pepper flakes

*We can assure you fresh, pure, safe, FDA-approved chili pepper crushed because we import all
our spice seeds and produce them in-house

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