Organic Ceylon True Cinnamon Sticks


Our Organic True Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks are derived from the cinnamomum verum species of trees, and is commonly referred to as ‘true cinnamon.’ This premium variety is exclusively cultivated in Sri Lanka, and is rarely found in stores. It has several key differences compared to the more widely available cassia variety of cinnamon. Physically speaking, ceylon is tanner in color, while cassia is a darkish brown. There are also subtle differences in the flavor profile and aroma with ceylon being renowned for its delicately sweet notes while lacking the often harsh spiciness of cassia. Another difference is that ceylon contains significantly less coumarin, a natural occurring substance that can pose toxicity issues if consumed in high amounts. While toxicity from cinnamon is rarely an issue, many people who experience adverse reactions to the consumption of the more common cassia variety, have found that they do not have issues with consuming true ceylon cinnamon. Origin: Sri Lanka


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